Friday, September 10, 2010

15th अगस्त 2010

ये टोपी और ये झंडा मैंने १५ अगस्त को बनाया था। टोपी पर मैंने वन्दे मातरम भी लिखा था। अच्छा है न !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

पहचानो कौन

सब्जी ले लो सब्जी
आलू ले लो प्याज ले लो
बैगन ले लो गोभी ले लो
हरे हरे मटर ले लो
लाल लाल टमाटर ले लो
सब्जी ले लो सब्जी
me dressed up as a vegetable seller in my fancy dress competition

In Car

There was a Book Fare in my school, so I bought my two favourite books from there. And I finished reading it in car only while returning to home.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


maine khoob masti bhi ki.... jhoola bhi jhoola kyonki woh khali tha na...
This is my classroom. I was the second student who reach the school so early. So i got the time to click the snap in my class.

Teachers Day

Yesterday was Teacher's Day and there was P.T.M in my school. So, I made a beautiful card gifted it to my class teacher Ambica Mam. Mam was so happy to see it. In this picture I am with my mam.