Friday, April 8, 2011


इस होली की छुटिओं में मैंने ये कहानी लिखी है. पढ़ के बतायिगा जरूर की कैसा लगा. आपलोगों को फोटो में पढने में दिक्कत न हो इसलिए ये कहानी नीचे फिर से टाइप कर दे रहा हूँ .
The story of a man
There was a man. His name was Sam. He was going on the road. He saw a good show. He was not knowing about the show. Sam went to see this show. He was very excited. Sam was a very bad man. The show name was GOOD HABIT SHOW. The show started. He ate Popcorn and watched the show. Sam was very happy to see this good show. The show was finished  in two hours and six minutes. The man went to his house. Now Sam was changed. He started helping others. Everyone was saying Thank you Sam.
The moral of the story is We should always help others.